Set Up and Payment
What do I do first?  Check our calendar for availability, then make your reservation.
When should I make my reservation?  As soon as possible.  A minimum of 2 weeks before the event date.
Can I change the date of my reservation?  Sure, up to a month before the event date.  
Is my deposit refundable?  Yes, up to a month before the event date.  After that, it is non-refundable (we need to keep our calendar available for other clients!)
Is the on-line payment secure?  We use Wufoo for forms, and Stripe for online payments because we believe they are secure, but certainly check them out for yourself.
When is the payment due?  A 25% deposit is due when you make your reservation, the remaining balance is due when we show up at your event.
Can I charge my guests to play the game?  Not directly.  You could charge your guests to come to the event.  You can pool money from your guests to pay for the game rental (we recommend this).  But if a guest at the event wants to play, we will let him or her play.
Communication and Arrangements
How will we communicate?  Primarily, through the email you submit when you fill out the form.  Our email is PLAYparlourPGH@gmail.com.
Do you need my phone number?  No, but a contact phone number for you will be extremely helpful as we come up to the event date and time.
When will you arrive?  We’ll get there about an hour before the rental packages clock starts.  We need that hour so that set up does not interfere with your rental time.
When will you leave?  About an hour after the rental package clock ends.  So, if you don’t want to pay for our take-down time, we can’t get kicked out immediately after we’re done.
Can anyone rent games from PLAY Parlour?  As long as you and/or your group are not oppressing anyone else through your event; we’re happy to have you as a client.  We reserve the right to turn down any business based on our perception of bigotry on the part of the potential client.
Game Play
Can I learn and/or show my guests how to play the game before the event?  We’ve got video that shows how to play each of our games, and we’re working on video that gives pointers and tips.
What if something goes wrong with the game while I’m renting it?  Our games are all hand built, so that’s not unlikely.  We’ll always have someone there with the game who knows how to fix whatever might go wrong.  If any significant time is spent fixing the game, we’ll either add that time on at the end or pro-rate you a refund.
What if something goes wrong and the game is unusable before our rented time is up?  We come prepared with replacement parts for all our games to try to avoid this scenario.  But, if that’s what happens, we’ll pro-rate you a refund.
What if someone’s a bad loser?  At our discression, we will stop play and not allow anyone to continue or start again if they display any uncontrolled temper.  Please be sure all your guests know that we’re all trying to have fun.
Can we have a tournament as part of our rental?  Oh yeah.  We find that tournaments create alot of excitement, and we will organize and commentate them if you’re getting The Regular or The Full-Day package.  If you’re just getting The Try-Out, you’re welcome to organise a tournament yourselves.
Must we do a tournament with The Regular or The Full-Day package?  No, we just think they’re fun, so they’re part of the deal.  You can pass on it if it doesn’t sound fun to you.
What does the winner of the tournament get?  Glory.  No prizes, though.  You’re welcome to furnish prizes as the host, however.
What if my guests are camera-shy?  The cameras we have built into our games are focused on the playing area much more than the participants.  If someone really needs us to turn the cameras off specially for them, we probably can.
What can I use to show the live video feed?  Anything that takes either an hdmi line or rca cables.  This covers most video equipment we’ve worked with.
Can I record the live video feed?  Yup.  We will often record it for our own uses, so you won’t ‘own’ it per se, but you’re welcome to do anything with the footage you like. (As are we.)

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