Description of Rental Packages

We have 3 basic rental packages for you to choose from based on the length of your rental.  If you’re reading this on a lap- or desk-top, you can see these summarized on the left sidebar.  (Widgets don’t seem to show up on phones and tablets?)  The different packages are described here:  Basically, as you get more time, you get more bells and whistles.

All of our rental packages have us bringing one of our hand-built arcade games directly to your event.  Each of our games are equiped with at least one digital video camera directed at the field of play; so, we can broadcast live action to your device (smart tv, old tv, projection screen, jumbotron, etc. … You’re welcome to record any of this footage for your own use.)  For every event we will have an operator there for the duration of your rental to encourage participation, answer questions, and fix anything that might go wrong.

For The Try-Out Package:  For a price of $190, one of our games will be available for play for 2 hours at your event.  This is a fun and affordable way to try out our games and see how well your crowd takes to it.

For The Regular Package:  For $300, we will be running one of our games at your event for 4 hours.  This package also includes us organising and running a tournament (usually in the last hour or so) with live commentating, creating a dramatic focal point for part of your event.  We also offer a finished, edited video of the play at your event for an additional charge.

For The Full-Day Package:  For $500, you get a full 8-hour day of one of our games and it’s attendant.  This includes the tournament and commentating, and the finished, edited video is available free of charge with this package.  We’d also be down for pretty much any organisation of play you wanted over the course of this day: a ‘regular season’, leagues, who knows?

If you’re getting The Regular or The Full-Day, it is also possible for you to pay for an extra hour of time (up to two extra; $60/hr).  Also, please know that we operate within a 30 mile radius of Pittsburgh, PA.  We will go further, but need to cover our travel expenses, so each 10 miles (beyond 30) will cost an extra $30.  If you’d like us to travel a really long distsance, get in touch and we’ll see what we can work out.


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