Don’t You Forget about Me . . .

. . . because PLAYParlour is still providing hand-built arcade gaming with a twist.  Check us out at Kaleidoscope, the next installment of RAW: natural born artists.  This event is June 6, from 8 pm to midnight, at CAVO in the Strip District.  Not sure what RAW is?  It’s a monthly showcase for a revolving slate of our area’s emerging artists.  Learn more at RAW‘s website.

For the RAW event, PLAY has  taken one of the more popular games from the Wreckless tournament and tweaked it.  Fuse-Ball, our foosball-water polo hybrid, is better than ever, AND you can play it at the tournament we’ve arranged for the evening.  Once again, you can play for all the glory!  The tournament will be projected on a big screen, so players will get the full-on spectator experience they deserve.  Oh lawdy, it’s like pay-per-view!

Tickets to RAW are $10 pre-event, and $15 at the door.  You can purchase pre-event tickets at the RAW site or at the events page on PLAYParlour’s website.  Tournament play is $10 per player and can only be purchased through PLAY.  Register on our events page.

For more details on the RAW event, visit the Kaleidoscope page on RAW’s website, and check out the  write-up on PLAY, including an interview with Adam.

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See you at RAW.  And as you walk on by, we’ll call your name.


It’s Spring.  Really it is.  Don’t look out the window today and think otherwise.  Just don’t.


Trust us when we tell you that equinox came, and we are running with it with fresh ideas and activities.

As you know, PLAY Parlour has to leave its current location in Lawrenceville at the end of this month.  Games are being dismantled and placed in storage as we speak.  We are bummed that we have to go, but excited about the idea of growing.  Not only are we looking for a bigger and better space, but we looking for ways to introduce PLAY throughout the city.

If you haven’t visited our website lately, now’s a good time to see all of the updates.  There are new videos for the games, and we’ll be posting our whereabouts and what-nots as they happen.  And don’t forget to sign up for our monthly e-newsletter, too.

Recently, Adam and Amber took in a performance by the Arcade Comedy Theatre after they reached out to PLAY around the time of the Wreckless Tournament.  Arcade is a new addition to downtown’s cultural district.  Arcade offers:

“. . .  an intimate 75-seat space which hosts stand-up comedians, improvisational artists, sketch shows, vaudevillian variety acts, comedic videos, live play readings, and humorous performers of all types. Tickets generally range from $5-20, depending on the event, with most shows at a $10 ticket price. With a BYOB alcohol policy and even a working pinball machine in the lobby, the Arcade provides a unique, fun, and affordable addition to the Pittsburgh cultural district.”

Adam had this to say about his time at the theatre:

“Amber and I enjoyed an evening at yet another arcade-based establishment, and sustained at minimum an underlying chuckle interspersed with bursts of out-loud laughs for pretty much the entire two-hour show.  Bringing our own beer may have contributed somewhat; but mostly, i think it was the performers and the intimate setting.”

Does this experience sound familiar?  We thought so, too.  We are excited that there is yet another project in the city that shares our concept of providing unique, fun,  and interactive entertainment.  Maybe there’s a PLAY and Arcade Comedy Theatre collaboration in the future?  Make some time to check out Arcade and you may see us there.

Speaking of collaborating, we are always looking for ways to join other organizations and events as a way to bring our craft and brand of fun to the public.  We have already  been contacted by several groups looking for us to showcase one of our games.  Adam is constructing FuseBall 2.o with the intention of debuting it at one of these events or locations.  We will let you know where we end up.  And in case your memory needs refreshing about the splashy fun this game provides, here’s some video of our original FuseBall.

Hey, all of the sudden, it looks like the sun is coming out.  We aren’t looking out the window, though.  Just running with it.

PLAY Parlour’s Wreckless – Coming to a Theatre Near You

First it was an idea, then an event.  Now it’s the most anticipated indie film of the season.  Wreckless Arcade Tournament is now a motion picture; a documentary that exposes what really happens in the high stakes world of hand-built arcade gaming with a twist.

What did you think was going on down there at 5258 Butler Street?  A summer church fair?  Not even close, even if there would have been dice games and a pierogie stand.  In the weeks since the tournament, Adam has uncovered all kinds inspirational back stories, as well as scandal and unanswered questions.  Not since Bloodgate, and this pompous ass, and the Scrabble scandal of 2012 has there been so much vexing behavior in the world of gaming.  Team infighting and diva behavior, mysterious and uncharacteristic disappearances, alien abductions, gambling and doping – all right before our very eyes in a seemingly innocent day of good-natured fun, music, and homemade baked goods: these are stories that need to be told.

Trust us, the tangled web of Bloodgate's got nothing on Wreckless.

Trust us, the tangled web of Bloodgate’s got nothing on Wreckless.

Check out the trailer, and contact Adam at if you want to be a part of this film either in front or behind the camera.  Stay posted for the finished flick.  It’s unbelievable!

How to Keep Up with PLAY Parlour

Hey friends of PLAY Parlour!  Here’s a new way to keep up with all of our happenings:  sign up for our monthly e-newsletter.  You’ll get more in-depth information on all of our progress, events, and comings and goings.  Click here to subscribe, then you can eagerly await each monthly issue, just like when you were younger and couldn’t wait to get your hands on the next National Geographic Kids or Lego magazine.

Adam is working on a short feature film to chronicle the Wreckless tournament.  He’s just finished the trailer and it’s pretty cool – you can feel the anticipation building.  We are looking for folks to help us with the final product:

  • Any tournament participant to make up, and perhaps have us film, an engrossing backstory to lend depth to your character (ala the Olympics).  We’re looking for things like tragic, orphan upbringings; prairie fires; or overcoming any physical or mental obstacle, like a fear of golf balls.
  • Anyone who would like to portray an expert on pretty much anything that we can work into the script (no degree necessary):  tournamentologist, alienologist, prairie fire expert, or just area man/woman whose got an opinion on everything.
  • Anybody who’s really good at making movies, from script writing to videography to editing.

Contact Adam at if you want to be a part of this blockbuster-in-the-making.

Finally, we are looking for a new location for PLAY.  Where we are now limits what we want to offer to all of our guests.  We need drastic spaciousness for more games and fun and way less bureaucracy in terms of zoning and building code.  Email Adam with your suggestions at

Keep up with us as we go through some big changes to bring you something even better!

Wreckless Pics and Good Press

There is still a lot of buzz about PLAY’s Wreckless Tournament.  Our enthusiastic sponsor, The Sprout Fund, provided a photographer for the day and we’ve got some pretty cool pics to share with you.  Click this link and look for yourself, your friends, and your favorite games.  Here are some previews:

Our best-dressed competitors added flair to mini-golf.

Our best-dressed competitors added flair to mini-golf.

Perfect Skee follow-through

Perfect Skee follow-through

Tandem Brohawk darts

Tandem Brohawk darts

Our new friends at Duquesne University wrote up a great article about PLAY and tourney activity.  The word is still getting out and around.

Obviously we are still psyched about the tournament.  Stay tuned for the video we are producing of the day’s events.  We promise that it will be as fun and entertaining as everyone in it!

Wreckless Wrap-Up

It was epic.  It was energetic.  It was entertaining.  It was the Wreckless Arcade Tournament.  Our first tournament was a complete success on all counts!

The day started out with 8 teams chomping at the bit to bring their A-games to mini-golf, wackamole, darts, skee ball, and water polo-fuse ball.  Let’s just say right now that these TEAMS WERE AWESOME!  Some came dressed to thrill.  Some overcame severe obstacles to perform, like “a lack of beer”, as one team member described.  Some channelled existential sports psychology while others drew on their rock band-style in-fighting for the eye of the tiger.

Awesome teams assemble for Wreckless.

Awesome teams assemble for Wreckless.

The brackets were busy with movement as teams won, lost, and advanced from round to round.  Games like water polo-fuseball proved to be the nemesis for many teams – good thing it was so splashy to keep everyone happy.

Eventually the final round pitted the day’s undefeated team, Brohawk, against the underdogs, Team Eh, in a dramatic skee ball grudge match.  The first time these teams met, Brohawk arose victorious at mini-golf forcing Eh? to climb back through the loser’s bracket.  There, Eh? had their first rematch of the day against Syringe-Pipe Money-Gun, a team that Eh? had beaten in the first round in a marathon, sudden death, tie-breaking fuseball match.  SPMG then clawed all the way through the loser’s bracket only to fall once again to Eh? in skee-ball.  SPMG took third place, and Eh? went on for their own rematch against the so-far-undefeated Brohawk.  After a scoreless duel of fuseball (the 5 minutes of which seemed like an hour) a draw was called, a coin was tossed, a game of skee ball was begun, and the passive voice was worn out. The whole room thought it was over when Savannah Butler sank a jinx-defying ball in the 2-point target, but Blumen2650 appealed to the judges that fellow Eh? player eric had not thrown.  Eric promptly scored thrice, putting Eh? in the lead and poised for victory; until, that is, Brohawk put their ringer, Stephanie, up to the lane and watched her promptly sink a deuce.  Thus, Brohawk emerged victorious and the winners of all the glory.

Skee ball finesse in Round 3.  Syringe-Pipe Money-Gun v. Team Eh?

Skee ball finesse in Round 3. Syringe-Pipe Money-Gun v. Team Eh?

All the glory goes to Brohawk!

All the glory goes to Brohawk!

More highlights of the day included meeting folks who stopped by to check out PLAY Parlour.  They came from as close as our Lawrenceville backyard to as cross-town as South Side.  We got some encouraging feedback from them.  We also found collaborators for creating new games for our space.  This is incredibly exciting for us.

Lotsa thanks to those who made Wreckless a hella event: The Sprout Fund for their sponsorship, Wild Purveyors and Embody Natural Health for their food and drink donations, $n€åK¥ m¡K€ and Zombo for keeping the energy high with commentary and tunes, our event workers who collected donations, names, film footage, and kept everything running smoothly.  Of course we wouldn’t have had a tournament without our teams, so the biggest Thank You to all who competed!

We’ll be posting more photos and stories from the day in the near future.  Share any you have with us – leave a comment here on the blog or upload to our Facebook page.

We have more plans in the works for future events while we work on opening permanently.  Keep up with the latest by checking out our website and Facebook page, and sign-up for our monthly e-newsletter coming soon.  Send your email address to us at to get on our mailing list.

Here’s to the next tournament!

Wreckless Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone.

Here are a few things we love:

Wreckless is only a couple of days away (Saturday, February 16)

Wreckless being mentioned in the City Paper’s Short List (check out Adam’s throwing technique on page 41)

Embody Natural Health donating delicious, healthy dranks for our competitors and visitors on Saturday

8 teams, 25 players in the tournament, and plenty of room for more (sign up now).

Another great write-up in the Post Gazette

The Sprout Fund being a partial sponsor of our event

And for good measure, Valentines you wouldn’t be embarrassed to give.

This event is being made possible, in part, by a sponsorship from the Sprout Fund.

This event is being made possible, in part, by a sponsorship from the Sprout Fund.

Another Wreckless Update

Just a few more days until the Wreckless Arcade Tournament goes down.  We are pleased that the Sprout Fund has become a sponsor for our event.  We want to see as many folks as possible this Saturday.  Stop in anytime between 3:00 and 10:00.  We’re located at 5258 Butler Street in Lawrenceville.  Remember, it’s FREE for everyone.

It’s not too late to get on a team!  Sign up now.  Don’t want to compete?  Come hang with us, play the games that aren’t part of the tournament, enjoy the music, vibe, and refreshments.

Here is how the day is stacking up so far:

Tournament Teams and Brackets – We have 8 teams so far, and with member names like Curry Fury, Saramonster, and Syringe-Pipe-Money-Gun, we are expecting nothing less than some good-natured and focused gaming.

Emcees/DJs – $n€åK¥ m¡K€ will start the tournament off, and Zombo will take over.  Both of these guys promise to provide very colored commentary and to keep the atmosphere focused on fun.

Enticements – Adam has created a new game that will be revealed during the tournament.  Check the pic below.  All we can say is that it was debuted at Practice Night last week and it was very well-received.  Give it a try on on Saturday .

Guaranteed fun

Reps from the Sprout Fund will be on-hand during the tournament, too.  Feel free to ask them about the many other projects in which the Sprout Fund is involved, or ask how you can receive support for you ideas.

If you need anymore encouragement than this to come on Saturday, read what local media are saying about Wreckless.  Then read recent reviews of PLAY Parlour for good measure.  We live up to the hype.

So Saturday’s gonna be a real good time.  Feel free to share our post and website with your friends because we want to share the fun with you.

This event is being made possible, in part, by a sponsorship from the Sprout Fund.

This event is being made possible, in part, by a sponsorship from the Sprout Fund.

Sprout Fund Sponsorship

The Sprout Fund, an art-funding organisation here in Pittsburgh has generously jumped on board with a sponsorship to help make our Wreckless Arcade Tournament possible.

Sprout Fund  Black on White

A Representative of the Sprout Fund will be on hand at the event, so you can learn about many of the other projects they’re funding, and perhaps chat them up about funding your project.


On Deck at Wreckless

Hey, do you know this guy?


If you do, maybe it’s because you’ve been to one of his high-energy performances. Or maybe you’ve tapped into your inner yogi in one of his yoga classes.  Or you’ve been roller skating with him – in his house.

$n€åK¥ Mike is a fixture in the city’s performance scene.  He’s a rapper, artist, poet, and yes, a yoga teacher.  Now he’s adding another gig to his list: Opening Emcee for Wreckless Arcade Tournament on February 16.  We are psyched!

$n€åK¥ is most known for his high-flying, explosive live performances. He has opened up for acts as diverse as the Flaming Lips, Wiz Khalif, Matt and Kim, Yo Majesty!, Chairlift, Flosstradamus, People Under the Stairs, Electric Six and even Wang Chung.

With $n€åK¥ on board at Wreckless, we’re even more impatient for it to start.  He will be working the crowd, keeping the fun level high because that’s what Wreckless is all about.  There will be antics, banter, and music; we’ve been promised “a delicious mix of upbeat awesomeness and ironic awesomeness and some R Kelly.”  Really, you haven’t whack-a-moled until you’ve done it to Ignition.

Register now and get yourself on a team.  It’s not too late, and all of these shenanigans are FREE.  If you don’t want to compete, come and hang with us – it will definitely be a party!

In the meantime, look for $n€åK¥ Mike all around town.  Check him out:

  • Teaching yoga at CLAY YOGA in Bloomfield on Liberty Ave (next to the Crazy Mocha).  Clay Yoga’s grand opening is February 9.  Join Sneaky’s classes on Tuesday night or Wednesday morning.  Check out these sites for more details: or www.facebook/clayyoga.

After Wreckless, catch one of $n€åK¥’s performances:

  • Playing a benefit show on Friday, March 15, at Exit Nightclub, 1630 Smallman Street, Strip District.
  • Hosting and performing at an amazing event called UNITY at on Saturday, April 6, at 6119 Penn Avenue, East Liberty.  Also featured will be Dazzletine, Nick Lawless, and Pet Clinic, and more!

Follow these links to keep up with all of $n€åK¥ Mike’s activity, including music and performances: