The Teams

These are the players (we had 32 of them, thanks to everybody) from the 8 teams that competed in our 2013 Wreckless Arcade Tournament:

  • Beer Cheese: remve, blum, saramonster, moosetrax, steven mentzer
  • Brohawk: jeremy!, eric, savannah butler, paul, stephanie
  • Comic Book Heroes:  lauren, roryg, p.g., irem, riley, floating john
  • Eh?:  emily, erik, waxing gibbous, blumen2650
  • Fashionistes:  beauty boy, daizy likquor
  • RNA: ran, anne
  • Syringe-Pipe Money-Gun: sir ringe, lady ringe, curry fury, jia, cheyenne, minion of the family money-gun
  • Us:  jeff, the artist formerly known as “ray romano”

all threeThanks again to all our participants.  And to our hosts/emcees, Sneaky Mike and DJ Zombo.  And everyone else who helped out.
This project supported in part by the Sprout Fund.
Some food was provided by Wild Purveyors; Some drink, by Embody.  both of these establishments are a few blocks east of us on Butler Street in Lawrenceville.  Check them out!


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