Don’t You Forget about Me . . .

. . . because PLAYParlour is still providing hand-built arcade gaming with a twist.  Check us out at Kaleidoscope, the next installment of RAW: natural born artists.  This event is June 6, from 8 pm to midnight, at CAVO in the Strip District.  Not sure what RAW is?  It’s a monthly showcase for a revolving slate of our area’s emerging artists.  Learn more at RAW‘s website.

For the RAW event, PLAY has  taken one of the more popular games from the Wreckless tournament and tweaked it.  Fuse-Ball, our foosball-water polo hybrid, is better than ever, AND you can play it at the tournament we’ve arranged for the evening.  Once again, you can play for all the glory!  The tournament will be projected on a big screen, so players will get the full-on spectator experience they deserve.  Oh lawdy, it’s like pay-per-view!

Tickets to RAW are $10 pre-event, and $15 at the door.  You can purchase pre-event tickets at the RAW site or at the events page on PLAYParlour’s website.  Tournament play is $10 per player and can only be purchased through PLAY.  Register on our events page.

For more details on the RAW event, visit the Kaleidoscope page on RAW’s website, and check out the  write-up on PLAY, including an interview with Adam.

Did you get our latest e-newsletter?  It’s a great way to stay in touch with PLAY, especially as we continue our search for a permanent space.  Subscribe here.

See you at RAW.  And as you walk on by, we’ll call your name.


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