It’s Spring.  Really it is.  Don’t look out the window today and think otherwise.  Just don’t.


Trust us when we tell you that equinox came, and we are running with it with fresh ideas and activities.

As you know, PLAY Parlour has to leave its current location in Lawrenceville at the end of this month.  Games are being dismantled and placed in storage as we speak.  We are bummed that we have to go, but excited about the idea of growing.  Not only are we looking for a bigger and better space, but we looking for ways to introduce PLAY throughout the city.

If you haven’t visited our website lately, now’s a good time to see all of the updates.  There are new videos for the games, and we’ll be posting our whereabouts and what-nots as they happen.  And don’t forget to sign up for our monthly e-newsletter, too.

Recently, Adam and Amber took in a performance by the Arcade Comedy Theatre after they reached out to PLAY around the time of the Wreckless Tournament.  Arcade is a new addition to downtown’s cultural district.  Arcade offers:

“. . .  an intimate 75-seat space which hosts stand-up comedians, improvisational artists, sketch shows, vaudevillian variety acts, comedic videos, live play readings, and humorous performers of all types. Tickets generally range from $5-20, depending on the event, with most shows at a $10 ticket price. With a BYOB alcohol policy and even a working pinball machine in the lobby, the Arcade provides a unique, fun, and affordable addition to the Pittsburgh cultural district.”

Adam had this to say about his time at the theatre:

“Amber and I enjoyed an evening at yet another arcade-based establishment, and sustained at minimum an underlying chuckle interspersed with bursts of out-loud laughs for pretty much the entire two-hour show.  Bringing our own beer may have contributed somewhat; but mostly, i think it was the performers and the intimate setting.”

Does this experience sound familiar?  We thought so, too.  We are excited that there is yet another project in the city that shares our concept of providing unique, fun,  and interactive entertainment.  Maybe there’s a PLAY and Arcade Comedy Theatre collaboration in the future?  Make some time to check out Arcade and you may see us there.

Speaking of collaborating, we are always looking for ways to join other organizations and events as a way to bring our craft and brand of fun to the public.  We have already  been contacted by several groups looking for us to showcase one of our games.  Adam is constructing FuseBall 2.o with the intention of debuting it at one of these events or locations.  We will let you know where we end up.  And in case your memory needs refreshing about the splashy fun this game provides, here’s some video of our original FuseBall.

Hey, all of the sudden, it looks like the sun is coming out.  We aren’t looking out the window, though.  Just running with it.


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