PLAY Parlour’s Wreckless – Coming to a Theatre Near You

First it was an idea, then an event.  Now it’s the most anticipated indie film of the season.  Wreckless Arcade Tournament is now a motion picture; a documentary that exposes what really happens in the high stakes world of hand-built arcade gaming with a twist.

What did you think was going on down there at 5258 Butler Street?  A summer church fair?  Not even close, even if there would have been dice games and a pierogie stand.  In the weeks since the tournament, Adam has uncovered all kinds inspirational back stories, as well as scandal and unanswered questions.  Not since Bloodgate, and this pompous ass, and the Scrabble scandal of 2012 has there been so much vexing behavior in the world of gaming.  Team infighting and diva behavior, mysterious and uncharacteristic disappearances, alien abductions, gambling and doping – all right before our very eyes in a seemingly innocent day of good-natured fun, music, and homemade baked goods: these are stories that need to be told.

Trust us, the tangled web of Bloodgate's got nothing on Wreckless.

Trust us, the tangled web of Bloodgate’s got nothing on Wreckless.

Check out the trailer, and contact Adam at if you want to be a part of this film either in front or behind the camera.  Stay posted for the finished flick.  It’s unbelievable!


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