How to Keep Up with PLAY Parlour

Hey friends of PLAY Parlour!  Here’s a new way to keep up with all of our happenings:  sign up for our monthly e-newsletter.  You’ll get more in-depth information on all of our progress, events, and comings and goings.  Click here to subscribe, then you can eagerly await each monthly issue, just like when you were younger and couldn’t wait to get your hands on the next National Geographic Kids or Lego magazine.

Adam is working on a short feature film to chronicle the Wreckless tournament.  He’s just finished the trailer and it’s pretty cool – you can feel the anticipation building.  We are looking for folks to help us with the final product:

  • Any tournament participant to make up, and perhaps have us film, an engrossing backstory to lend depth to your character (ala the Olympics).  We’re looking for things like tragic, orphan upbringings; prairie fires; or overcoming any physical or mental obstacle, like a fear of golf balls.
  • Anyone who would like to portray an expert on pretty much anything that we can work into the script (no degree necessary):  tournamentologist, alienologist, prairie fire expert, or just area man/woman whose got an opinion on everything.
  • Anybody who’s really good at making movies, from script writing to videography to editing.

Contact Adam at if you want to be a part of this blockbuster-in-the-making.

Finally, we are looking for a new location for PLAY.  Where we are now limits what we want to offer to all of our guests.  We need drastic spaciousness for more games and fun and way less bureaucracy in terms of zoning and building code.  Email Adam with your suggestions at

Keep up with us as we go through some big changes to bring you something even better!


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