Wreckless Wrap-Up

It was epic.  It was energetic.  It was entertaining.  It was the Wreckless Arcade Tournament.  Our first tournament was a complete success on all counts!

The day started out with 8 teams chomping at the bit to bring their A-games to mini-golf, wackamole, darts, skee ball, and water polo-fuse ball.  Let’s just say right now that these TEAMS WERE AWESOME!  Some came dressed to thrill.  Some overcame severe obstacles to perform, like “a lack of beer”, as one team member described.  Some channelled existential sports psychology while others drew on their rock band-style in-fighting for the eye of the tiger.

Awesome teams assemble for Wreckless.

Awesome teams assemble for Wreckless.

The brackets were busy with movement as teams won, lost, and advanced from round to round.  Games like water polo-fuseball proved to be the nemesis for many teams – good thing it was so splashy to keep everyone happy.

Eventually the final round pitted the day’s undefeated team, Brohawk, against the underdogs, Team Eh, in a dramatic skee ball grudge match.  The first time these teams met, Brohawk arose victorious at mini-golf forcing Eh? to climb back through the loser’s bracket.  There, Eh? had their first rematch of the day against Syringe-Pipe Money-Gun, a team that Eh? had beaten in the first round in a marathon, sudden death, tie-breaking fuseball match.  SPMG then clawed all the way through the loser’s bracket only to fall once again to Eh? in skee-ball.  SPMG took third place, and Eh? went on for their own rematch against the so-far-undefeated Brohawk.  After a scoreless duel of fuseball (the 5 minutes of which seemed like an hour) a draw was called, a coin was tossed, a game of skee ball was begun, and the passive voice was worn out. The whole room thought it was over when Savannah Butler sank a jinx-defying ball in the 2-point target, but Blumen2650 appealed to the judges that fellow Eh? player eric had not thrown.  Eric promptly scored thrice, putting Eh? in the lead and poised for victory; until, that is, Brohawk put their ringer, Stephanie, up to the lane and watched her promptly sink a deuce.  Thus, Brohawk emerged victorious and the winners of all the glory.

Skee ball finesse in Round 3.  Syringe-Pipe Money-Gun v. Team Eh?

Skee ball finesse in Round 3. Syringe-Pipe Money-Gun v. Team Eh?

All the glory goes to Brohawk!

All the glory goes to Brohawk!

More highlights of the day included meeting folks who stopped by to check out PLAY Parlour.  They came from as close as our Lawrenceville backyard to as cross-town as South Side.  We got some encouraging feedback from them.  We also found collaborators for creating new games for our space.  This is incredibly exciting for us.

Lotsa thanks to those who made Wreckless a hella event: The Sprout Fund for their sponsorship, Wild Purveyors and Embody Natural Health for their food and drink donations, $n€åK¥ m¡K€ and Zombo for keeping the energy high with commentary and tunes, our event workers who collected donations, names, film footage, and kept everything running smoothly.  Of course we wouldn’t have had a tournament without our teams, so the biggest Thank You to all who competed!

We’ll be posting more photos and stories from the day in the near future.  Share any you have with us – leave a comment here on the blog or upload to our Facebook page.

We have more plans in the works for future events while we work on opening permanently.  Keep up with the latest by checking out our website and Facebook page, and sign-up for our monthly e-newsletter coming soon.  Send your email address to us at playparlourpgh@gmail.com to get on our mailing list.

Here’s to the next tournament!


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