Training Day – PLAY Parlour Style

If you’ve entered PLAY Parlour’s Wreckless tournament, you’re looking forward to putting your arcade skills to the test.  But are your skills enough?  Remember, PLAY’s games offer twists to the classics.  You may want to consider getting into shape for this.

Don't think, feel.

Don’t think, feel.

What will you do in a game of skee ball when the targets start moving?  Our Low Voltage (Skee) Lift will present this little complication with a simple flip of the switch.

PLAYxcviytkytd 017 2

Training Challenge #1 – Moving skee ball targets

And have you actually seen our version of a miniature golf hole?  The Aqua-Quixotic Putting Range has plenty of angles and obstacles and a cool water feature.

Training Challenge #2 - Windmill

Training Challenge #2 – Windmill

Lucky for you, you can preview all of our games on our website.  Here’s where you can find descriptions and videos.  Enjoy the video for wackamole with a special voiceover by DJ Zombo, who will be the emcee for Wreckless.

We will see you soon, at the top of your game.  Train hard.  Train fun.


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