How to Weather a Pittsburgh Winter – Deep Freeze Edition

On a day like today, with high of 14º and a low of instant snot freeze below zero, the last thing you want to hear is, “Cold enough for you?” or “Well if it was summer, we’d be complaining about the heat.” or “Blah blah blah, state the obvious, blah blah blah.”   This doesn’t really make you feel better or warmer.

Speaks for itself.

Speaks for itself.

So PLAY offers a helpful suggestion for dealing with this cold snap: stay indoors, don’t leave your house.  There’s plenty of entertaining things to do at home, many of them game-oriented, which you know PLAY endorses.  Why don’t you relax and let someone do the playing for you?  How, when there’s no designated hitter option in Monopoly?  Easy, movies.  About games. You may have to leave your house to get them, but hurry back and in no time you can put on your Pajama Jeans, get into your Snuggie and sit and be warm and entertained.


Nooo, you’re doing it wrong, Ben!

Game movies can run from sophisticated, to exciting, to even educational.  They have action, suspense, intrigue, humor and romance.  Here are a few flicks to help start your list:

The Sting – Newman, Redford, Shaw.  Intricate, savvy, cool.

Word Wars – Documentary about competitive Scrabble.  Be prepared to feel inadequate, but you’re guaranteed to pick up a tip or two for your own game.

Jumanji –  Kids find themselves in a dangerous board game come to life.

The Hunger Games – Kids in a televised fight to the death.  Wow, what are we doing to our kids?

The Running Man  – The original Hunger Games. Richard Dawson(!), some of your favorite 80s wrestlers, and of course a body-count that can only come from an Aahhnold movie.

Something for everyone here.  You may already have some favorites of you own.  Post them here and share with us.  We’re staying in tonight.


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