How to Weather a Pittsburgh Winter

This weekend, you may be taking down your Christmas decorations and finding places in your home for your new gifts.  Or not – I mean it’s going to be 60 degrees on Saturday, there’s surely something better to do.  But that post-holiday clean-up is coming sooner or later.  You can’t escape it.  Maybe you can get away with a Groundhog Day tree, but a Valentine’s Day tree is really pushing it.

This is a great way to put off the post-holiday clean-up.

This is a great way to put off the post-holiday clean-up, or anything else, ever.

Eventually, as you are putting things away, you’ll probably find yourself with a pile of items that no you longer need or want.  PLAY Parlour suggests that you don’t box the pile and hide it in your office (“office” is defined here as the room that has all the things in it that you are going to get to one of these days, but until then you’ll just keep the door closed when you have visitors). PLAY suggests you find a creative way to repurpose these things, or donate them for someone else’s use.

There are many places and organizations that will accept your used goods.  One place to for you to consider is the Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse.  PCCR stocks its community grandma’s attic with donations it receives and makes it available to anyone creating art and crafts (check out the criteria for acceptable items here).

Once your house is finally in order and you get ready to ease back into life as you know it, BAM, you will be hit with a special kind of cabin fever that only Pittsburghers can appreciate – the kind that comes from 1 day of sun followed by 5 straight days of some form or forms of precipitation and cloudiness.  That’s when you make your next trip PCCR.   Shop PCCR for what you need for that art or crafts project you now have the time to do.  Not sure what you want to create, only know that if you don’t do something besides watch CSI marathons you’re going to lose your mind?  Looking for a little more hands-on encouragement, or a chance to be social as you create?  PCCR offers classes and a Monthly Meet ‘n Make.  The PCCR also offers school-based programs, community events, volunteer opportunities, and more.

PLAY promises to help you get through this winter.  We’ll have you covered with our tournament in February, and other suggestions like PCCR that will make the next few months go like that (obligatory finger-snap sound).


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