We Can Rebuild It

If you were at our Open House a few months ago, you may have noticed that wackamole was pretty popular.  You may have also witnessed its massacre.  Oh the humanity!  Well, Adam has been rebuilding wackamole so it will be better, stronger, and faster in time for our big tournament next month.

We have the technology . . .

We have the technology . . .

Actually, all of the games are being tuned up.  Adam’s been pretty busy.  Here’s just a sample of his work log:

Dec 29.

  • Wackamole: started gluing up the brace that will hold the moles in their rest position.  This is conjuring up a vision for me of little grubby-handed moles in back braces.
  • Mini Golf: built and installed drip catcher behind the waterfall’s ball chute which sends the drips back into the main.

Dec. 30

  • Wackamole: finished gluing up brace.  Yep, that vision is still there.
  • Skeeball: soldered, installed new switches for direction.

Jan. 1

  • Wackamole: finished building the brace  Ok, it’s gone now.

What happened on the 31st?

Dec. 31

  • Nothing.  What a lazy shit.

It’s alright, Adam, a day of rest is ordained in every work week.

But there really is no rest for the weary.  We’ll be ready for all of you PLAYers on February 16.


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