‘Tis the Season for . . . Games

Let’s face it, if you grew up celebrating Christmas, you were an unwitting participant in the biggest game of all time: the one where your parents told you that Santa would bring you what you wanted for Christmas so long as you behaved.  Wow!  We were a bunch of rubes back then.

Now, even though we know better about Santa (right?), some of us still like to play games at Christmas.  Maybe we participate in a grab bag, or Secret Santa; a cookie or BEER exchange; or an epic Monopoly or spades tournament.  These all add to the liveliness of the holiday.

One family I know does an annual Gag Bag.  It’s a grab bag, but in much poorer taste, and thereby inherently better.  Each family member purchases a nonsensical, ridiculous gift for $5 or less. On Christmas day, these wrapped gifts are mounded on top of a coffee table, and in an orderly fashion, each gift is chosen, unwrapped, kept, or swapped.  The intricate swapping rules allow each player to scheme their way to owning a piece of crap they never knew they wanted.  One year, the most coveted piece of crap was a Cordell Stewart football jersey (this is hilarious if you are a Steelers fan), another year it was a Michael Bolton concert t-shirt (this is hilarious just because).  Then there was the tapeworm in a jar, the photo collage of a family no one knew, . . . you get the idea.


Christmas comes but once a year, so of course there was much competing among family members to get a hold of these gems.

What are the games that you and your family or friends play to make the holidays more special?  What games will you start this year?  Let us know.  We’d love to hear about it.

Happy Holidays!


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