Oh Man, It’s 2 pm

Oh man, it’s 2 pm, and you’re fighting a post-lunch, work-induced urge to nap.  What is your remedy?  Bathroom break followed by a caffeine fix?  Sure, but when you get back to your work space, will you be really refreshed?  What if you had a diversion that was a combination of nostalgia, entertainment, logic and fine motor skills?  That would be awesome.  You might even be more productive when your break is over.

Now, normally we would tell you to come to PLAY Parlour for a few rounds of the Low Voltage (Skee) Lift, or the Aqua-Quixotic Putting Range, but we aren’t quite open yet.  So we have a recommendation for you: old school video arcade games.  Games like Tetris, Kaboom, Mortal Kombat, and Tron.  “But, I can’t drive all the way back in time to the local mini-mart to get my hands on these.”  Don’t worry, they’re all right at your fingertips, provided your fingertips are on a computer keyboard (we think chances are good that they are – you got to this blog post somehow).  Check out sites like City Arcade that offer these old favorites and more to play on your computer.  This site also provides game histories and player ratings.

Whoo, time for a break.  With Pac Man.  We go way back.


Hello, old friend.


One thought on “Oh Man, It’s 2 pm

  1. Thank you for linking to and promoting “City Arcade” my friend. This is a new gaming blog that features many of the classic arcade games from the 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s, along with their profound history. The simplicity and iconic arcade gaming platforms from back then were some of the best arcade games ever devised. Not only were they very simple to play, but unlike so many newer complex arcade games of today, they catered to every age group and ethnicity. With these classic arcade games, a quarter never ceased to maintain it’s value. We will also link “Play Parlour” within our gaming blog City Arcade. Thanks again!!!

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