Playing Games

Playing games.  That’s a phrase that doesn’t mean the same thing as when we were kids.  As adults, we usually hear this and automatically think of something negative, like one person underhandedly working over another to get what they want.

Geez, what in the world happens to us when we grow up that something so pleasurable becomes the epitome of adult bad behavior?

Fortunately, there are folks who never quit believing that playing games is still the best way to have fun with friends, improve strategy and physical skills, and enjoy some good-natured competition.

We turn playing games (blah) into Playing Games (yaw!)

Let’s turn playing games (blah) into Playing Games (yaw!)

PLAY Parlour walks this talk, and so do other groups in our area, like Obscure Games.  Obscure Games (OG) says that it is “. . . dedicated to using the power of play to foster positive physical and emotional development and build strong social relationships.”  Sounds good to us.

Catch up with OG at events around the city, including Pub Games held every Wednesday evening at Hambones in Lawrenceville.  Visit OG on Facebook or its website for more info.  While you’re there, learn about “The City of Play”, OG’s daylong outdoor festival of games, check out the ever-growing game inventory, and find out how you can test and add your own creation to the list.

So the next time you hear PLAY say, “He’s just playing games”, we’re letting you know that Adam is at Hambone’s with OGers on a Wednesday evening happily getting trounced in a pub game.

Should Adam practice pub gaming skills with Scrabble or The Dukes of Hazzard?  Do we even have to ask?

Hmmm, should Adam practice pub gaming skills with Stratego or The Dukes of Hazzard board game?


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