‘Tis the Season for . . . Games

Let’s face it, if you grew up celebrating Christmas, you were an unwitting participant in the biggest game of all time: the one where your parents told you that Santa would bring you what you wanted for Christmas so long as you behaved.  Wow!  We were a bunch of rubes back then.

Now, even though we know better about Santa (right?), some of us still like to play games at Christmas.  Maybe we participate in a grab bag, or Secret Santa; a cookie or BEER exchange; or an epic Monopoly or spades tournament.  These all add to the liveliness of the holiday.

One family I know does an annual Gag Bag.  It’s a grab bag, but in much poorer taste, and thereby inherently better.  Each family member purchases a nonsensical, ridiculous gift for $5 or less. On Christmas day, these wrapped gifts are mounded on top of a coffee table, and in an orderly fashion, each gift is chosen, unwrapped, kept, or swapped.  The intricate swapping rules allow each player to scheme their way to owning a piece of crap they never knew they wanted.  One year, the most coveted piece of crap was a Cordell Stewart football jersey (this is hilarious if you are a Steelers fan), another year it was a Michael Bolton concert t-shirt (this is hilarious just because).  Then there was the tapeworm in a jar, the photo collage of a family no one knew, . . . you get the idea.


Christmas comes but once a year, so of course there was much competing among family members to get a hold of these gems.

What are the games that you and your family or friends play to make the holidays more special?  What games will you start this year?  Let us know.  We’d love to hear about it.

Happy Holidays!


Oh Man, It’s 2 pm

Oh man, it’s 2 pm, and you’re fighting a post-lunch, work-induced urge to nap.  What is your remedy?  Bathroom break followed by a caffeine fix?  Sure, but when you get back to your work space, will you be really refreshed?  What if you had a diversion that was a combination of nostalgia, entertainment, logic and fine motor skills?  That would be awesome.  You might even be more productive when your break is over.

Now, normally we would tell you to come to PLAY Parlour for a few rounds of the Low Voltage (Skee) Lift, or the Aqua-Quixotic Putting Range, but we aren’t quite open yet.  So we have a recommendation for you: old school video arcade games.  Games like Tetris, Kaboom, Mortal Kombat, and Tron.  “But, I can’t drive all the way back in time to the local mini-mart to get my hands on these.”  Don’t worry, they’re all right at your fingertips, provided your fingertips are on a computer keyboard (we think chances are good that they are – you got to this blog post somehow).  Check out sites like City Arcade that offer these old favorites and more to play on your computer.  This site also provides game histories and player ratings.

Whoo, time for a break.  With Pac Man.  We go way back.


Hello, old friend.

Open Call for Scripts and Voiceovers

We are always looking for ways to get the word out about PLAY Parlour.  And we are always looking for partners to help us with this.  What about you?  Don’t worry, we won’t be asking you to robocall anyone.  Or to dress up as a human dartboard and stand on a corner and hand out flyers. The busy corner of 51st and Butler, with brightly colored flyers, dressed like this guy.


Although that would be worth seeing, right?  Okay, then no.

Well, how about if you provide us with a script or your voice for the videos that we prepared of PLAY games in action?  We have 4 videos that could use entertaining and compelling scripts and voiceovers to bring them to life.  Get details for this project here, and check out the videos from the links at our website, or from our YouTube channel.

We already have DJ Zombo on board to provide us with a wackamole voiceover.  If you’re familiar with Zombo, you’ll understand why we can’t wait for that.  And we can’t wait to see what you create for us, too.

Playing Games

Playing games.  That’s a phrase that doesn’t mean the same thing as when we were kids.  As adults, we usually hear this and automatically think of something negative, like one person underhandedly working over another to get what they want.

Geez, what in the world happens to us when we grow up that something so pleasurable becomes the epitome of adult bad behavior?

Fortunately, there are folks who never quit believing that playing games is still the best way to have fun with friends, improve strategy and physical skills, and enjoy some good-natured competition.

We turn playing games (blah) into Playing Games (yaw!)

Let’s turn playing games (blah) into Playing Games (yaw!)

PLAY Parlour walks this talk, and so do other groups in our area, like Obscure Games.  Obscure Games (OG) says that it is “. . . dedicated to using the power of play to foster positive physical and emotional development and build strong social relationships.”  Sounds good to us.

Catch up with OG at events around the city, including Pub Games held every Wednesday evening at Hambones in Lawrenceville.  Visit OG on Facebook or its website for more info.  While you’re there, learn about “The City of Play”, OG’s daylong outdoor festival of games, check out the ever-growing game inventory, and find out how you can test and add your own creation to the list.

So the next time you hear PLAY say, “He’s just playing games”, we’re letting you know that Adam is at Hambone’s with OGers on a Wednesday evening happily getting trounced in a pub game.

Should Adam practice pub gaming skills with Scrabble or The Dukes of Hazzard?  Do we even have to ask?

Hmmm, should Adam practice pub gaming skills with Stratego or The Dukes of Hazzard board game?