Open House Review

PLAY parlour’s open house went off without a hitch…well, we never had to break out the fire extinguisher, anyway.  The four hours of people playing the games did create some necessary repairs, but don’t worry; they’ll soon be back better than ever.

We’d love to add your images and videos from the event to the collection:  Send what you’ve got to  Thanks so much and thanks to everyone who came out and helped make it such a good time.

Here are some highlights:

Ian celebrates putting the ball into the windmill blade, much to the chagrin of Heather, his favourite heckler

Elise and her multi-titled companion, Josh spent most of the evening arguing about who, in fact, was winning this game of chess

Despite building the game, Adam was slaughtered by Rose in his only attempt at playing whackamole

Morgan, in the most subtle pimp costume (it was trick-or-treat night in the area) of all time, putts on the miniature golf ramp

Again, thanks to all who were there.  And, we hope to see the rest of you in the future.  Don’t forget to send contributions to our photo collection to


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